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Informal Play Reading - 21 June 2017

Informal Play Reading Evening

This informal group meets periodically to give members the opportunity to read or listen to both complete plays, and interesting excerpts. New participants are welcome, and play suggestions are also invited.

The next informal play reading group will meet on Wednesday the 21st of June 2017

Shelagh Coop
2/38 Awatea Road


The reading will be Aurelia written by Robert Thomas

There are plenty of parts for readers, and listeners are also most welcome.

Plot Summary
John left England some years ago under a shadow - suspected of rifling his wealthy aunt's desk. He also left Isabel, who had long been in love with him. Abroad he met and married the beautiful, striking, but somewhat mysterious, Aurelia. Unexpectedly she returns without him and tells Isabel a story that horrifies her. However, Aurelia is starting to spin a web of deceit and crime which, if successfully completed, should net her a great deal of money. She finds herself becoming hopelessly enmeshed in a tangled web of murder, robbery and blackmail. Twist and turn though she may to meet each new unexpected complication, the end of the story is one of disaster, tragedy and bitter irony.

RSVP for numbers and taking a little something to augment supper also appreciated. Could you please let Jocelyn McQuaid know if you will be attending. Telephone 09 626 3070 ( You can also contact Jocelyn if you can't make it but would like to receive regular updates about this group please email