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Fair Play


Saturday 8 June 2019 11:00 am
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Stables Theatre
Cnr Arthur St & Main Highway

Fair Play is being presented as one of six one-act plays selected for The Ellerslie Festival of One Act Plays 2019. The play run-time is around 25 to 35 minutes.

The Play
The struggle between tenant and land lord with an interesting mix of sombre and song itís a play that resonates with a younger self with buckets under leaky roofs. The aptly named Liberty is fighting for her rights when she finds that her flat, which is great in the summer, comes with a few issues when the weather turns rough. Struggling to get through to anyone who will listen to the issues in her flat Liberty sings her way through the hard times however this chipper attitude quickly turns sombre a tragic accident finally gets her story heard.

Contact details
Contact Sinead Miller to get an e-copy of the play.

Commence Monday 17 June 2019 and are week evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Thursday 22 August to Saturday 31 August 2019 - 5 performances of each play including 1 matinee.

About the director - Sinead Miller
Sinead is 24 years old and has spent her life in the theatre. This is her directing debut having been an assistant director as well as helping in many aspects of shows including back stage, make up, hair, set change and doing sound and lighting along, of course, with being on stage. She has been wanting to direct for a while now and is super excited to get the opportunity with this play. She wants to learn and develop skills on how to best work with people to get their best performance. Sinead thinks this play will be an interesting challenge and she relishes the opportunity of working with people she can not only direct but collaborate with.

Audition Notes
*Please request and read the script.
* The ages are only suggestions and should only be treated as guidelines. If you are outside of this age range but feel you are perfect for the role, please come along to audition.

In addition to the roles listed below there are off stage voices: (Possibly pre-recorded and played by Reporter and Himbos mum)
SFX Health and Safety
SFX The City Council
SRX Tenancy Services

No characters are listed for this production.

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