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5 to 14 June 2014 at 8pm
Matinees Sunday 8 and Saturday 14 June at 2pm
No show Monday 9 June

: (n) Temporary roadside accommodation for people passing through.

There's something a bit creepy about backwater concrete block motels.  They feature regularly in horror movies.  Most people would rather not have to stay in one, but needs must.  Some people use them because they are out of the way.  Discretion.  Anonymity.  No accountability. Lovers have secret liaisons there.  Politicians get caught in them.

If these four walls could talk, what stories would they tell?
One seedy motel room;
One dubious motel manager;
Four stories;
Eight people whose choices highlight the fleeting nature of life, work, love and death.

Motel is a rich and enjoyable piece. It's a treat to spend an evening with these characters, guiltily watching.” Theatreview