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written by Jess Sayer
directed by Merrin Cavel
5 to 14 November 2020 at 8pm
Matinees Sunday 8 and Saturday 14 November at 2pm
No evening performance Sunday 8 November
No performance Monday 9 November
Meryl lives a quiet life with her daughter Fern, but this evening she seems to be expecting guests, guests she doesn’t want there or for Fern to meet. Ever. Why? Because the guests are Fern’s aunt Neva and Neva’s eccentric and mildly confused lover Ann. And Fern, until the moment that she bursts in on them at dinner has never known of their existence. It’s time for Meryl and Neva to fess up to their secrets. Jess Sayer is an actor and playwright living and working in Auckland. She has won the Playmarket b425 award three times and been shortlisted for the Adam NZ Playwriting Award twice.