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The Lady's Not For Burning

2 to 11 November 2006

England 1400: Jennett Jourdemayne lives alone, performs experiments, speaks French to her poodle and dines on Sundays with her peacock. Branded a witch by superstitious town folk, Jennet wants to live. Thomas Mendip, a soldier, found guilty of jaundice, misanthropy, suicidal tendencies and spreading gloom and despondency but not of the murders he confessed to, wants to be hanged.

Christopher Fry's dark romance was written in 1948 and is the one which made his name. It has been counted one of the greatest 100 plays of the 20th century.
Thomas Mendip
Alizon Eliot
Kerry Thornton
Nicholas Devize
Phillip White
Margaret Devize
Lianne Stanners
Humphrey Devize
Damien Avery
Hebble Tyson
Denys Hoskins
Jennet Jourdemayne
Jaclyn Druitt
The Chaplain
Edward Tappercoom
Graham Wagstaff
Matthew Skipps

set designer
costume designer
Carole Evans
Anita Bigg-Wither
production assistant
Anna Adam
stage manager
Lisa Inman-Emery
lighting operator
John Charlton
sound operator
Terry Smith