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The House of Angels


Saturday 17 March 2018 1:30 pm
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Stables Theatre
Cnr Arthur St & Main Highway

The Play
Essentially, the play is a character-driven comedy-drama in which eight disparate (and desperate) characters, all in the twilight years of their theatre careers, are unexpectedly ‘rescued’ from whatever happens to discarded, elderly actors. The why is what the play is about...... and how at the end they ‘rescue’ themselves. It is set in the present and in the lounge of an old boarding-house somewhere in Ellerslie, yet to be discovered by Auckland property developers; in need of attention but comfortable. The NZ playwright, Ruth Mayo, now lives in London but is an ex-Mercury actor from the 1970s- early ‘80s; she knows her territory well. Certain aspects of characterisation might well ‘ring a bell’.

Contact details
Sian Davis
telephone: 09 483 4245

Commence Monday 2 April 2018, Tuesdays and Thursdays each week from 7.30pm, Sundays from 12.30pm

Thursday 7 to Saturday 16 June 2018 - 10 performances including 2 matinees

About the director
The director is Sian Davis. She also has attachments to the territory and from much the same time. She has directed extensively throughout the Auckland am-dram scene, and is, hopefully, quite well remembered at ‘Stables’ for such offerings as THE FARM in 2002, through WIT, PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE, DOUBT, CHERISH, LOOT, to SOCIAL CLIMBERS in 2015.

Sian says 'Not only about actors, THE HOUSE OF ANGELS is really an actors’ piece and will only work through the strength of the characterisation. It will be an interesting challenge.'

Cast Required
* Players are all somewhere between late 50s to late 70s (actors outside this range definitely considered if I think you can get away with it). The ages are only suggestions and should only be treated as guidelines. If you are outside of this age range but feel you are perfect for the role, please come along to audition.
* Character descriptions are not definitive.

Those auditioning for 'Gabe' will be seen at 1.30. He will need his guitar and be prepared to do his monologue, p.34 (can be read), but then perform an accompanied Paxton’s “Last Thing on My Mind” as per script (p.36). Chords and lyrics can be googled.

For the other roles, there will basically be a mix’n match process so please turn up at 2 pm. The audition should finish by 4pm at latest.

There is no need to learn audition pieces but do please get an e-copy of the play from Sian Davis and read.

Audition extracts (underlined is the character mainly being looked at):

P 8. Helen “And he wouldn’t know what to do with himself........ P10 Binnie “Just scones then”.

P13. Ollie “What’s he talking about?..... p.15 Binnie “Not a soul on the planet doesn’t........”

p.17 Binnie “Right, here’s the refreshments on the table.... .....Jack “That’s me. Can’t be corrected, neither”.

p.7 Gwen”Are we all done, Ollie? Am I safe to move?.....p.8 Angela “O yes”.

P.10 Ang “Water, paracetamol, water..... p.11 Helen “Certainly!”

No characters are listed for this production.

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