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If you want to join us as a member or to renew your membership,
please enter your email address and click the Membership button.

As a member of Ellerslie Theatrical Society, you will be able to take part in a range of activities.
At least one of them will fit with your current skills or with activities you enjoy.
Several of them will fit with skills that you can acquire with us.

Here are a couple of examples:

If you enjoy working with your hands in constructing items out of timber, you could consider joining our set building team. You might find yourself constructing walls out of prefabricated 'flats', or building platforms and steps for them, or a garden bench scaled down to fit a particular space. You won't need tools, although a portable electric drill is useful.

If you enjoy preparing food, then you could enjoy catering for our set build team, with lunches for fewer than a dozen people, or for our major rehearsal, the 'double dress and tech', where you might be preparing a main course or a pudding course for twenty to thirty people. You could also make savouries for our opening nights. Which of these you got involved with is up to you, your availability, and your confidence.

Whatever you choose to do, you'll be with a welcoming group of people.

You might try some activities that you've never done before, such as designing a stage set, operating the lighting on a number of nights for a show, or acquiring and making props for a play.

A great advantage to becoming a member is that you receive a discount to our shows, and you also receive a discount when you book for your friends.

If you buy ten tickets during a year, you will save the cost of your membership.

Please note that only one discount will be applied per ticket, whether you are a Member, hold a Community Services Card or Gold Card, or have a Student ID.

We are an Incorporated Society, which means that we operate for the benefit of our Members.
Everyone who works with us should be a Member.

So, enter your email address below, click 'Membership', and we'll start the process.