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Pam Browne

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Pam believes that directing is a leap into the unknown - with hope. She has taken that leap twice before, first for a minimalist production of a drama with its revelation of a family riven by domestic abuse 'Because of Beth', the second, a comedy drama by Graham Green 'Our Man in Havana' with its glorious send-up of British MI6; both for Howick Little Theatre. Pam’s hope is that this production conveys the writer’s intentions, because these are central. But who can say? She hopes that the audience will feel included and animated by the production and forgive the director.

For ETSThings I Know to be True (2019) director
The Lady in the Van (2018) production assistant
The Witches (2018) Actor 2 - Grandmother
Chook Chook (2017) production assistant
The End of the Golden Weather (2016) Actor 4
production assistant
Things My Mother Taught Me (2015) production assistant
I Hate Hamlet (2014) production assistant
Take A Chance On Me (2014) wardrobe
The Dining Room (2013) properties